Q: What is the legal status of Jaffaria Academy?
A: Jaffaria Academy is currently registered as a non-profit company (CLG), Company Number 12672063. However, we are in the process of registering a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). This process usually takes several months.

Q: Is Jaffaria Academy an accredited school?

A: In June 2020, the UK government decided to open the accreditation process for online schools starting September 2020. Accordingly, we are in the process of applying for Accreditation. 

Having said that, we follow the English National Curriculum and we will prepare our students for the official exams (SATS, GCSE, A Levels), and those are internationally recognised exams, hence our priority is to ensure our students receive the best quality education in the safest environment in order to achieve the highest possible outcome on those exams.

Q: What will be the legal status of my child if we register with your service?
A: UK law allows parents to home educate their children. Accordingly, you will have to notify your child’s current school of your intention to home educate him/her. Once this happens, the school will notify your local council that your child is being home educated. This is a smooth process as more than 50,000 students are being home educated in the UK from all communities. 

Q: Who owns Jaffaria Academy and what is their remuneration?
A: Jaffaria Academy is a non-profit organisation and was founded by three trustees, and they are the main governors. They come from professional backgrounds and work on this project out of spirit for the community and do not receive any form of renumeration.

Q: How are executive decisions made at Jaffaria Academy?
A: There are multiple levels of administration. Each group decides on matters pertaining to their specific defined roles in accordance with the constitution. However, there are multiple levels of oversight, such as Board of Trustees, Board of Directors, Administration, and Quality Assurance mechanisms.

Q: Is Jaffaria Academy officially or unofficially affiliated with any other organisation or individual?
A: Jaffaria Academy is not affiliated with any individual or organisation. The Academy is a UK based educational institution. It is a charitable project founded by the local community for the local community. The academy is an apolitical educational institution that aims to enrich British society with law abiding professionals.

Q: On matters related to faith, who’s opinions do you follow from amongst the current Islamic Scholars?
A: We follow the opinions and the overall guidance of Grand Ayatollah Sayed Ali Al-Sistani. However, we respect ALL our scholars and we have an open-heart policy to all community members.

Q: Which academic calendar do you follow?
A: We follow the UK school term dates (September to July), however our schedule provides flexibility to parents since we deliver classes online. Hence, families can spend extended periods of time abroad without compromising the progress of their children’s education so long as the child continues following their classes virtually whilst abroad. This is an advantage because it allows them to travel during the off-peak seasons and save significantly on airfare cost.

Q: What are you going to teach my child and how?
A: We will follow the English National Curriculum and it will be taught online through weekly structured virtual live classrooms focusing on the core subjects of the NC Maths, English, Science, in addition to Computer Science, and Arabic, while humanities and other subjects will be taught through Projects-based learning and with enrichment activities teaching Art, Physical Education and a host of other topics. We will also teach religious studies focusing mainly on Islamic Education and Quran.

Q: Will Jaffaria Academy provide all the educational resources for my child?

A: We will provide the complete curriculum on our online platform and access to annual subscriptions of supporting platforms. However, parents will be expected to provide a number of resources which will be advised through a guidance we will issue in due course and before the start of the academic year.

Q: How can I be sure about the quality of education considering it is new and online?
A: Our teaching team is qualified and experienced with good knowledge of use of technology (tech savvy). Moreover, we employ programs to help teachers monitor and control the virtual classroom. Finally, each class will have a teacher, with an assistant in primary, and a quality assurance officer which randomly checks classes as they operate. While in secondary each subject will be taught by an experienced teacher and the quality assurance standard will be applied.

Q: How will my child be evaluated and supported?
A: Teachers will monitor student’s progress and will have regular assessments for learning. Those who show advanced skill levels will be given special attention in order to further excel their development. And those who have areas which need improvement will be given the needed attention accordingly.

Q: Will there be physical meetings with the teachers or is the teaching only online?
A: Yes, we believe in building healthy relationships and bonds. Students will attend weekly meetings with their teachers where they will be addressed, each to their specific needs. This will also be a good opportunity for them to develop relationships and build bonds.

Q: What about the social aspect, are there any social activities?
A: Yes, and this will be a core element of our program. All students will be part of an enrichment hub, which organises social, sporting, and religious activities amongst children and their teachers and resident alim, and amongst the families themselves. The aim is to strengthen the bonds within our community and build a high community spirit.

Q: Do you have a safeguarding and mental health policy?
A: All our team members are DBS checked and will undergo safeguarding and basic mental health training (Mental Health First Aid). The detailed policies will be made available before the start of the academic year.

Q: Aren’t you isolating our children from the wider British society?
A: We plan to engage our students in a number of activities that involve students from outside our academy. This could be through educational and sporting activities. Moreover, many elements of our Islamic Education Program will be open to the wider community and therefore, our students will have opportunities to meet multiple audiences and make friendships.

Q: Does Jaffaria Academy’s approach contradict British Values?
A: We believe we are enriching British society with individuals who will add value not only through their professional contributions but through their civic participation, and embodiment of good values. This complements the essence of the British Values and enriches its foundation.