Jaffaria Academy will be running a series of workshops and programs to support students in order to make their educational experience more fun and exciting and to aid parents in becoming more effective at their role.


The following are the planned workshops divided in three main categories:


Children Workshops

Personal Development Days (Once a term) – delivered by Dr. Amina Al Yassin

Theme: Preparing our children for the 21st Century

Term Topic
Autumn Term ·         Teamwork and collaboration

·         Emotional intelligence (2 sessions)

·         Empowerment (confidence and resilience)

Spring Term ·         Presentation and communication skills

·         Problem solving

·         Leadership

Summer Term ·         Goal setting and career aspirations

·         Art therapy techniques

·         A final session for presenting what they have learnt and receiving certificates


Effective Parenting Workshops (1 per half term)

Term Topic
Autumn Term ·         Getting the best out of home-schooling, how to thrive and not just survive!
·         How to talk so that children will listen, and listen so that children will talk
Spring Term ·         Why love and attachment matter, especially for home learners!
·         Growth mindset parenting: How to develop resilience and confidence for a world where things don’t always go to plan
Summer Term ·         Mental health and wellbeing 101- what every parent needs to know
·         Visual, auditory, kinaesthetic?! What does your child’s learning style tell you about how best to help them learn and grow


Parents Academic Workshops/Meetings – delivered by our teaching team

Term Topic
Autumn Term ·         ‘Meet the teacher’ – introduction to class, timetable and structure
·         Supporting your child’s learning in Phonics, Reading and Writing
·         Parent/Teacher meetings
Spring Term ·         Supporting your child’s learning in Creative curriculum/Project based learning
·         Supporting your child’s learning in Mathematics
·         Parent/Teacher meetings
Summer Term ·         Outdoor learning
·         Parent/Teacher meetings